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Exploring the roads less traveled

Photo: Harald Claessen, Cuba

Photo: Harald Claessen, Cuba


What do we offer?

Our photo workshops specialise in individual and group social documentary and portrait photography. Our unique destinations are meant for exploring, they are visually interesting and we facilitate and emphasise cultural interaction.

We guarantee that you will come home with amazing images from our destinations where we will always explore the roads less traveled. 

Doing to know

Hands-on education has our emphasis. We give presentations as a means of transferring knowledge which are meant to be informative as well as inspirational, the knowledge gained can directly be put to work. There is no substitute to Seeing & Learning + Doing & knowing.

We offer one-on one education, and we also pride ourselves in partnering with some very inspirational photographers to offer small group workshops. All photographers are very hands-on in their knowledge transfer. 


Social Documentary and portrait photography

While other topics may be introduced during some workshops, all workshops will have and emphasis on Social documentary and Portrait photography. 

My personal preference is to photograph Social Documentary on a digital rangefinder camera while I for portrait photography I only use 35mm and Medium Format film cameras. Participants can of course choose their medium of choice.

During our Social documentary part of each workshop you will become comfortable photographing strangers while exploring the unexplored. We speak about low light photography and compositions, but only as a means to have the tools for expressing what you feel when you approach a scene, to make sure that the technical part of photography is not standing between you and the way you want your images to look or what you want to express. 

Our aim is to assist you with making a  photographic essay - wherein you explore how you and your camera can translate the reality that presents itself along the journey into the emotions or story you want to communicate to your audience. This will awake your own photographic voice and enable you to tell the story of this adventure in your own unique visual voice.

Coney Island, NY, 2016 Photo: Harald Claessen

Coney Island, NY, 2016 Photo: Harald Claessen

Cuba. Photo: Harald Claessen

Cuba. Photo: Harald Claessen

Siberia white horse photo workshops Harald Claessen


During Portrait photography we will speak about using digital as well as film cameras, 35mm format and Medium format and all the technical items such as the Zone system, how to interpret your light meter to ensure that the negatives are correctly exposed. More important however is how to work with your subjects or models, finding beautiful natural light, the principles of posing. We also discuss the workflow and cooperation with film labs. Learning by doing means that we will have a model ready on some selected workshops to practice what we learned, so you will come home with some amazing images. 

Anhen Model shoot Russia Photo workshop
Portrait shoot photography workshop