About me

I left the Netherlands where I was born and raised in my late twenties to explore the world. Since then I have lived in 8 countries and travelled almost to 40 before settling with my family in Limassol, Cyprus.

The variety and peculiarities of cultures, backgrounds, environments and similarity of human emotions in all of those countries I lived in and traveled to, is what I share through my images. I believe my passion for visual storytelling has lent me a different perspective.

I photograph life as I feel it, Social Documentaries, Sensual Portraits and also photograph occasional weddings where I combine documentary style story telling with portraits, which are both my passion. Having studied photojournalism at the MPW in Missouri, I feel very passionate about social documentary work, to discover un-told stories because I personally connect with them.

Organising and teaching in Travel Photo Workshops fits every aspect of my personality and I am looking forward to announce upcoming workshops in even more unique countries.

My work was published in Burn Magazine and ArtNaratives.



For the latest on my on-going projects and workshops, follow www.haraldclaessen.com

To purchase prints, to book a workshop - or just to say hi,  - contact me on mail@haraldclaessen.com


Featured photographer Harald Claessen, 2016

Featured photographer Harald Claessen, 2016